Learn How to Produce Rock and Metal in Studio One



If you want to improve your rock and metal style songs in Studio One,this is the perfect course for you!Learn how toProduce Rock and Metal Songs in Studio This is acomplete courseteaching you how to get the most out of your rock and metal productions with the tools available in Studio OneWith easy-to-follow tutorials and areal-world example of a heavy rock song, you’ll see all my tips and tricks and you’ll enjoy learning while taking action.THIS COURSE INCLUDES THEAUDIOFILESOFAREALWORKING EXAMPLE ROCK/METAL SONG. So you can download these resource audio files and follow along with me while we work through the course WHATWILLYOULEARN?Getting Your Tracks organized for the productions How to Mix and process your Drums How to great sounding rock/metal bass sound Building up a wall of gained up guitars Adding extra clean guitars to your mix Tightening up your performances with the Audio Bend tool How to work with different vocal styles in your productions Finalizing your song by polishing up your tracks and applying some basic mastering WHYCOMPOSE INSTUDIO ONE?Studio One is a fully featured package.It comes bundled with many tools to use to help you with your productionsIt is super easy to navigate and use.The features in the application allow you to improve your workflow with your rock and metal productionsCOURSEREQUIREMENTS?Studio One 3 Artist/Pro and up will get you through this course. I highly recommend the latest Studio one Pro as then you have all the bells and whistlesHaving some extra virtual instruments and plugins will help, like a drum instrument, bass instrument, and amp emulation plugin. For example I use Guitar Rig as my amp emulation plugin in this course, But I will recommend freeware versions as well that you can useWHYLEARNFROMUS?This course expands on my other Udemy courses on Studio One. With with this course you can fine-tune your productions and learn all the tips and tricks for getting great sounding rock and metal songsMy goal with the course is to give you tools within Studio One that help you produce better songs I CAN’TWAITTOSEEYOUINTHECOURSE! Cheers,Gary Hiebner