This course is designed to elevate low back pain anddiscomfort.  The course will also teachstudents how to prevent future injuries and enhance well-being and overallhealth.  The course has several sectionsto facilitate self healing of low back pain and discomfort.The first section focuses on acupressure.  It begins with an introduction to this systemof healing, and then moves on to cover points used for acute pain and thenchronic pain.  Points on the scalp andear are also offered.  And lastly,students are instructed on how to use points for prevention.The next section has exercises including physicalexercises to strengthen muscles that support the low back and medical qigongexercises to facilitate healing by restoring balanced flow of energy in thebody.Then the course will focus on support for the healing ofyour current injury as well as prevention of future injuries.  This course will introduce tools andknowledge which will facilitate mental, emotional and physical health.The final segments will include a variety of methods to promote overall health.