The Canvas API provides a means for drawing graphics via JavaScript and the HTML <canvas> element. This course covers using JavaScript to apply drawing to the canvas element. How to get started with an easy to follow approach demonstrating the syntax as well as providing engaging opportunities to try the code. After demonstrations of the canvas element and how to draw on it with JavaScript the course will show you how to create an interactive drawing tool that the web user can use to draw, selecting colors and pencil width. Freely draw whatever you want and then download it as an image to your computer. All JavaScript front end code. Source Code and resources are included to get you started quickly.SOURCECODEis included every step of the wayCourse is designed to highlight using JavaScript – JavaScript ISAPrerequisiteTOTHISCOURSE *****Beginner JavaScript knowledge is required ***** as the course covers only JavaScript relevant to the canvas element and drawing on the canvas element will be covered. Also HTML and CSS knowledge is essential as scope of this course is all JavaScript focused.No libraries, no shortcuts just learning JavaScript making it DYNAMICand INTERACTIVE web application.Course CoversBasics of HTML5 CanvasSelecting and ready to drawHow to draw on CanvasOutput text content onto canvasCreating a happy face on CanvasSetting and using imagesDrawing Project for canvasDownload save and clear contentAll this and moreStep by step learning with all steps included.Along with friendly support in the Q&A to help you learn and answer any questions you may have. Try it now you have nothing to lose, comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Start building your own version of the application today!!!!