Learn IELTS Writing Task 2



This course gives you the tools you need to succeed in five different situations for your IELT task 2 essay. We look at a comparison essay, two thesis-based essays, an advantages versus disadvantages essay and the two point essay (in which two statements are given for you to comment on). These video give you a fly-on-the-wall perspective of what it’s like to write these kinds of essays for IELTS. You’ll learn how to quickly jot down your notes before beginning your final draft in under 5 minutes. You’ll learn about cohesion in your essay and proper grammar. I offer tips for improving your essay writing as well. You’ll get to see a special template style of writing IELTS essays which saves you time and money. You’ll be able to write about any subject afterwards. I teach you how to brainstorm and bring your ideas to the page.