The course to learn real iOS programming is here. The course teaches you both thefundamentals and advance IOS concepts by building with you 5 real world apps from scratch. It starts from project inception to UIdesign to feature implementation and testing. All the projects areunique in their problem space and they have been selected to cover the most important and extensively used concepts behind iosand swift programming. Whats more? After you build the projects you will learn how the new ios10 features can be added to enhance the quality of the Apps.The course starts with Swift3 and iOS10 basics and then start with the following projectsQuiz App game – You will start by building a simple yet conceptually an extensive app which allows you to create quiz for the app users. The main take away from this app will be creation of complex UI and advance Auto Layout.ToDo list App – You will then start creating a To Do list App. The focus of this App is to master Core Dat. So you will learn a lot about persistence using core data. You will also learn to do the Sirikit integration which is a recent ios10 feature.Weather App – Learn to predict weather using third party weatherAPIs. Learn service calls and third party integration in this very complex app. You are also going to learn about ios10 notifications.Finance App – Learn to build advance UI and charts in this amazing App which uses third party charting libraries and shows you how you can use different libraries for your projects. Learn to integrate interactive notification which is a new ios10 feature.Converter Application – Learn to create an interactive UI app with our final and most complex of the applications taken up for this project. It will include integration withCRCurrencyRequest for currencies. This App also uses measurement class now introduced in swift 3 to argument features of the App. You will also learn to add the iMessage extensions introduced in iOS10.So get started and start building apps which are future ready. See you on the other side.