Learn JIRA Quickly – Enhance your resume, Move Ahead!



Confused about Atlassian JIRA and all the hype around it? Do you want to enhance your skills and resume with the must have JIRA knowledge. Then this course is for you! I explain everything in plain English with step by step instructions, so you are never left behind.This course focuses on the practicalities of using JIRA – why would you need it, and how can you start using JIRA as quickly as possible.The concepts are covered quickly and clearly with quick tips and shortcuts such as advanced menu items for issues and JQL, and reporting so that you can impress anyone with your JIRA skills.This also covers how JIRA Agile works with agile boards and various agile reporting.It will allow you to start creating your own projects, issues, search queries, agile boards, and reports to impress your management. JIRA is a widely used tool, so if you want to know how to quickly become expert in JIRA, this is a great place to start.I look forward to working with you! Let's get started.