Students will learn:Update:  I keep adding lectures on how to use Terraform to start the very same Kubernetes clusterNew lecture on Helm v3start Kubernetes cluster with two nodes (master/worker) by using kubeadmwrite a simple back-end microservice with Python Flaskwrite a simple front-end React app microserviceDockerfile for back-end microservice with Python FlaskDockerfile for front-end React app microservicewrite Helm Chart for back-end microservice with Python Flask from scratch (micro-backend)write Helm Chart for front-end microservice with React from scratch (micro-frontend)deploy micro-backend and micro-frontend helm chart to Kubernetesscale up your deployment for micro-backend/micro-frontend helm chart in Kubernetesuse own helm chart repository – Chartmusuemuse own helm chart repository – from own Github repodeploy nginx-ingress controller