Learn Medical English – Radiology



Hi everyone, I am teacher Uthman Bilal. I make medical English courses here on Udemy.I know the struggle that non native English speakers encounter while studying medicine, thats why I have teamed with a medical doctor to create the most suitable medical English course for you.This course will be all about radiology, we will get to know the vocabulary used on daily basis by radiologists, and doctors from every specialty. Other health professionals such as nurses and technicians will also benefit from this course. The key words will be highlighted in red, I will pronounce slowly every word and you can pause and go back whenever you want to hear the word again. I advise you to repeat after me the key vocabularies so you can memorize it faster.The copy of the PowerPoints will be available for you to keep at the end of the lesson. A list of references will also be available for you.Come join my course and gain confidence so that you too can sound like a native-English-speaking doctor.