Heard about Mind Mapping but not had time to play with the software? Feel like there must be a way to get more from your Brain? Want to have more fun with the way you handle your work? If so then take this course – it was designed with you in mind. Maps marry your logical mind with your creative abilities to keep your brain more stimulated. We have an infinite capacity for remembering images so we link graphics to ideas to boost memory. The brain has an infinite capacity to make creative connections. Maps of your thoughts opens up linkages. The whole or “gestalt” view relaxes the brain. Seeing the Big Picture feels like everything under control. Using a simple scenario, making a training course, we demonstrate the features and benefits of MindJet’s MindManager. Learn by following the course with MindJet’s 30 day FREE trial. Get practical experience. It takes about 2 hours to complete with three simple exercises to build your first map. Things you will achieve: See and work on all your ideas from a single screen. Add graphics to your work to make it more memorable. Link to websites, Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Visio for a complete view of the world without switching applications. Add tasks and view them in a Project Workflow or Gantt Chart. Make creative connections and brainstorm for innovative insights using prompts. if you get stuck. Deliver more compelling presentations with Walk-through and Slideshow. Navigate your map as it builds, search for specific elements, personalise the colours and backgrounds. Share your ideas with others in a wide range of different ways. Make the mental shift to mapping and achieve more from your most important asset – your Brain.