Who needs to take this course?Are you a travler who is intrested in visiting Morocco? Are you the type who wants to live an adventure in magical diversplace ,where Europe,Asia,and Africa merge together? Or just a curious learner who wants to discover a new culture? If yes ! This is the right place to start.What are the benefits of this course ?In this course, we will embark on a journey to learn the basics of the Moroccan dialect (Darija). After the completion of this course , you will be able to strat a conversation, express feelings, count, understand everyday sentences, and learn local words.Who am i ? What qualifies me to teach you Darija ?My name is Hicham Boulghalagh , I am a Moroccan university student at UMP of oujda, an american space member, and an instructor at Udemy. Being a nativespeaker and am academic researcher in English literature and linguistics , makes me a qualified person do give such course . It is important to mention that i am a :- Google certified in online marketing fundamentals .- Participant in TESOL program of AZU.- Wrote my own teaching philosophy and style.- Posess certificates in negotiations, grammar&punctuation, selling online ..and many more.Do i need any background knowledge ?You do not need any previous knowledge ; we are going to start from scratch.Can i get arefund ?Yes ! Udemy coursescan be refunded within 30 days. You can get more details by contacting them or read thier articles.What about the price ?I can assure you that i have sell my course in the most affordable price . All the revenue will support my quest to teach my language,and to introduce morocco to the world.So now that you got a big overview of the course , you have to take the next step. Enroll now ! And start learning Darija and don’t forget to have fun.