Learn – MySQL Server, Python Language and DB Administration



This course contains below: 1. MySQL – 19 lectures and 3+hrs duration2. Python Language – 16 lectures and 2.5 hrs duration————————————————————————–Course 1 – MySQLTopicDuration (hh:mm:ss)1.1 MySQL introduction00:08:131.2 MySQL – install on Windows00:11:221.3 MySQL Shell00:06:551.4 MySQL Server00:02:531.5 MySQL Workbench – Part 100:12:171.6 MySQL Workbench – Part 200:09:522.1 SQL introduction00:06:342.2 SQL Data types00:09:152.3 DDL – Data Definition Language00:07:022.4 DML – Data Manipulation Language00:11:362.5 DCL – Data Control Language00:05:222.6 DTL – Data Transaction Language00:10:322.7 Primary key – Foreign key00:13:092.8 SQL Joins00:09:372.9 SQL Views00:13:112.10 Stored programs – Triggers00:10:032.11 Stored programs – Stored procedures 00:08:343.1 MySQL Connector for Python00:05:003.2 Connecting to MySQL Using ConnectorPython00:17:49—————————————————-Course 2 – Python Language 1.1 Python – introduction00:09:551.2 Install Python on Windows00:04:481.4 Understanding Python language00:10:191.5 Python coding style PEP800:08:312.1 Data types – Strings and numbers00:10:212.2 Comments and docstrings00:03:432.3 Control flow statements00:08:502.4 Data structures – Lists and Tuples00:11:003.1 Functions00:11:273.5 Modules and Packages – I00:10:083.6 Modules and Packages – II00:08:054.1 Classes00:08:544.2 Classes – inheritance – multiple inheritance00:09:494.3 Classes – Method Resolution Order (MRO) – multiple inheritance00:07:337.1 Standard libraries00:05:145.1 File read write IO operations00:12:03