About This Course:Welcome to the course,Learn Oracle SQL.This course introduces Oracle SQL to its students. Anyone who is interested in getting into Oracle SQL Development may use this course to learn Oracle SQL.This is a free course with considerable amount of video lectures to not only introduce Oracle SQLto you, but also to take you much deeper into Database Development.The idea is to introduce SQLto you with less hassle. So you may just want to watch the videos, get yourself familiar with the SQL language and advance to another Oracle SQL course created by the same author.That course is:The Complete Oracle SQL Course For BeginnersAbout SQL:SQLis used to interact with Database Systems. As per ANSI (American National Standards Institute), SQLis the standard language for Relational Database Management Systems.SQL has been the prominent language to interact with various Database Systems for many decades. While many languages that existedtwo decades ago are extinct now, SQL has always maintained its supremacy in the RDBMS world. Over the time, it has only advanced with new features and standards. And it seems to stay that way for years to come.About the Instructor:The instructor of this course, Mr.Sam Dhanasekaran, has more than 20 years of IT experience. It predominantly includes Database Support, IT Support and Recruiting.