Learn Photoshop 3D and create realistic photo-manipulations


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WATCH THE PROMO VIDEO TO SEE ALL THE MAGICAL TOOLS YOU WILL LEARNHey guys! So if any of you was wondering what exactly you can do with Photoshop’s 3D effects this class will help you understand the essentials and also create a really cool futuristic sunglasses.If you answer yes on these questions then you need this courseAre you tired of using Photoshop’s standard tools?Are you willing to explore features that you have never even seen or heard before?Do you want to make your artworks look as realistic as possible?Do you want to create unreal objects in Photoshop that will make people go “WOW”?If the answer is yes then you need this classit is that simple…You will learn:Creating 3D shape of any layer in PhotoshopAdding texture to 3D shapes in PhotoshopTransforming 3D objects in PhotoshopWorking with 3D layers in generalRetouching 3D objectsCorrecting colors to give it a realistic look