This course is for absolute beginners who want to get started using Adobe Photoshop to edit and improve photos, and to create their own designs.The course follows an optimized 2-partstructure:In part 1 – called “Learn” -youre going to learn all about the most used Photoshop tools and features. We will focus on most of the tools in the Tools Panel andlearn about each one individually.Well also tackle other important Photoshop features that will help us produce beautiful graphics.In part 2 – called “Create” -youwillstart creating your own visuals. Youll be able to follow along, download the assets Im using, and create your own personalized artwork. I will teach you how to achieve different visual outcomes by using and combining a variety of interesting Photoshop features. Were going to work with color adjustments, effects, typography, photography and layout, all in order to visualize our creative ideas.This is not a course that you take, watch and then throw away, because I will be updating it constantly. So from time to time, I will add more valuable content to this course. If there is a new tool or feature for example, I will add it to part 1, talk about it and teach you how to use it properly. Also, I will create additional projects, add them to part 2, and teach you how to create them from scratch.My name is Dayj and I am a professional graphic designerand the creator of 2-Minute Design, where I teach people design skills in 2-minute videos. I have years of experience using Photoshop to createcountless projects inadvertising, corporate identity, shopper marketing, web design and digital production.Go ahead and enrollin this course, “Learn Photoshop From Scratch”, and then unleash your creativity!