Playing piano or keyboard is great fun and can be great fun to learn. Each day you learn a little more and can play more songs or play the ones you know better. It can also be a difficult instrument to learn. Many people stop learning because it takes so long to learn and it is difficult. Lets face it not everyone can afford a private tutor or even have the time for a regular time slot. In particular playing solos or turnarounds is well out of the game for most beginners. Its not your fault; you just havent known what to learn. You learned a few chords, you learned a few notes but which notes go with each chord or key is a mystery. The answer is really quite easy. All you need to know is which notes fit with the key you are playing in. Then all you do is make up your solo or turnaround using those notes. You do need to know which fingers to use and the notes will almost play themselves. You probably cannot play the fiddly interesting bits, the turnarounds, the solos, and most important, cannot change key. You may even be stuck and unable to move forward with your playing; it seems a chore, not a pleasure. learning scales will rectify that. You will be able to change keys at will; you will know the notes needed if a different key is needed. you will be able to play a solo because you know which notes will be used, purely because you know your scales. You will finally enjoy the joy of playing with friends.And by taking this course: You will have lessons that you can go back to and refresh at anytime. You will have: High Quality teaching that gives you complete confidence You will learn Correct fingering so you do it right first time You will have HD Video so that you can see how you should play You will have High Quality Audio so you can hear everything properly You will have Fun Methods of teaching used so you do not start hating scales You will have Fun Practice Schedules, no one wants to spend hours playing scales up and down. You will have a “Scales Book” included so you always have a scales book available. You will enjoy having a Qualified Teacher with years of experience so you know you will be being taught properly. And most important of all, you can contact the teacher at any time for support A private tutor automatically teaches scales as they are so important. Such teaching is not so readily available online. A few reasons why you should enjoy scales:Timing is a very important aspect of playing music to master. Get this wrong and your music will sound odd. No one will want to play with you because your playing is a mess.Someone who knows scales instantly knows if an instrument is out of tune. a useful trick to know.Practicing scales improves dexterity. No dexterity and you can only play slow songs.Playing scales improves co-ordination, fits in with dexterity. Fingers have to hit the right notes with the right timing.Practicing scales helps develop finger muscles to provide strong fingers that can play for long periods. Strong fingers also help with dynamics as finger control is improved.Knowing scales is good for ear training. The natural sounding notes are recognized, wrong notes are quickly noticed and can be sorted out.When reading music good scale knowledge helps speed up reading and understanding, especially as the eye recognizes patterns. Music is after all, about patterns.Scales are the building blocks of music. Although you will probably never play a scale as a tune, having a sound grounding in scales, is one of your building block foundations. Start learning scales today and accelerate your playing abilities exponentially. As with all my courses:you have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs, everall future additional lectures, etc in this course are always freethere is an unconditional, never any questions asked full 30 day money-back-in-full guaranteemy help is always available to you if you get stuck or have a question I believe my support on udemy cannot be bettered.Enroll now!