Learn Popping Dance Advanced Waving Explained



Learn Popping Dance Advanced Waving ExplainedAn Indepth explanation of the Art of Waving, How to become more creative with your waves, and gain more Confidence!I’m going to teach you the waving secrets of the most talented dancers and poppers. These are techniques and concepts that the Best of the Best know and use……EXCEPT…It took them years to learn these kind of techniques because most of them had to learn them on their own!TODAY, I am going to teach you what took me years to learn. LiterallyMany of the advanced techniques and concepts Iwill explain consist of the “Ah HA” eureka moments in dance, many of us struggle to find.With Extremely Popular shows such as, WORLDOFDANCE, America’s Best Dance Crew, and Dancing With The StarsStreet Dancing has come back into the limelight and everyone is trying to learn how to do those incredible dance moves.Dance Classes are filled with so many people who want to learn the AMAZINGDance Moves they see their favorite Artists do on TV and Youtube.Iwill teach you the main things they don’t teach you in dance class.IKNOW because Ihave taken class with some of the best from all over the world, but there are some things you just figure out on your own…Which is why Icreated this course, so you don’t have to figure it out alone.Imagine the look on your friends and family when you bust out your brand new dance moves out on the dance floor at your next party and impress them!It’s okay if you have never danced before…Iwill walk you through the basics as we progress through this course and make it slightly more advanced.Iwill also give you special drills that will accelerate the amount of growth with your dance!By the end of this course you will be able to dance and move to your favorite songs with ease and become a confident dancer!It’s okay, feel free to show off!