Learn Some Most Used Photoshop Graphic Designs



Welcome to my course Learn Some Most Used Photoshop Graphic Designs, in this course, I would show how do I do some graphic design cases with the Photoshop skills, after watching this cases, you would know more about Photoshop, and which is helpful to improve your graphic design skill.Make a posteradjustment layerimage modesketch filterblending modemotion blurStitch 3 Images to 1 Fullview Imagephotomergegaussian bluradjustment layerfilterMake a clip artmagnetic lasso toollayer maskexpand selectionbrush toolBlend a photo to a landscapeclone stamp tooleraser toolblending modelayer maskbrush toolsharpen toolMake a nostalgic posterblending modebrush toollayer maskadjustment layermotion blurfilter gallerypolygon toolpolygonal lasso tooltype toolMake an artposterlayer maskbrush toolblending modeadjustment layerdodge toolburn toolgradient toolcustom shape toolbrushespen toolmagnetic lasso tooltype toolMake a cute cartoon designgradient toolbrush toolpen toolpaint bucket toollayer styledefine patterncustom shape toolMake an ice lady style designmagic wand toolfilter gallerylayer maskbrush tooladjustment layerblending modegaussian blurlayer stylepolygon toolMake a logotype toollasso toolgradient toollayer maskblend modebrush toollayer stylepen toolMake a fashion posterlasso toolbrush toollayer maskadjustment layerbrushespen toolgradient toollayer styleblending modeellipse tool