This Step-by-Step Home Automation DIY videoprogram shows you everything from A to Z on how to create your Home Automation system, which will reduce energy Consumption, create a comfortable family livingenvironment & protect your home against Intruders. So what will you learn in this Home Automation DIY program? Heres what youll learn in our Home Automation video training course: Understand why HA 1.0 Failed! Describe the term HA 2.0 & Associated Market Drivers List the benefits and Applications of HA 2.0 Describe the different types of HA 2.0 smart controllers Explain Essential and Nice to Have home automation functions Understand the benefits of structured wiring systems. Design a wiring plan for your own home or extension. Understand the benefits of wireless home control systems. Explain Z-Wave. Describe Z-Wave network architecture. Plan the install of a Z-Wave network. Describe the elements of a home automation alarm system. Plan & install a HA 2.0 alarm and fire detection system. Plan and install outdoor and IP cameras. Interface new IP cameras with your HA 2.0 controller. Build a HA 2.0 access control system for your home. Describe the benefits of a lighting control system. Plan & install a wired lighting control system Plan & install a wireless lighting control system Choose between wired or wireless systems to suit your requirements! Use your HA 2.0 system to monitor the energy you use every month. Install various energy saving devices that will help to decrease your monthly lighting electricity bill. Install smart thermostats and interface with your HA 2.0 controller. Configure your HA 2.0 system to monitor your home’s electricity usage in real time! Describe the benefits of MRM Systems Plan & install wired Basic MRM and advanced MRM 2.0 systems Plan & install a Sonos MRM 2.0 system Plan & install an Airplay MRM 2.0 system Connect outdoor weatherproof speakers to your MRM 2.0 system Describe the different types of HDMI equipment. Build a Cat5e or 6 based HDTV distribution system. Describe HDBase-T Technologies. Plan and install a wireless HDTV distribution system. Describe the benefits and downside of Powerline HDTV distribution systems. Add Home Cinema Functionality for your HA System. Describe the elements of a home cinema system. Plan and install a WI-Fi to IR system. Control your home cinema equipment using an iPad, iPhone, Windows or Android devices.</p> What People are Saying about the Challenge Gerard was really helpful and provided encouragement over the 8 week period. The exercises at the end of each video module helped me to take action every week. Gerard was really helpful and provided encouragement over the 8 week period. Bogdan Dragoi, Romania When I started the 8 week challenge last March, I knew very little about where to start and how to go about using my iPhone to view IP cameras, remotely changing temperature levels and playing music in ever room of our home. After the 8 weeks with Gerard, I added all of these systems to my smartphone and lots more. Highly recommended! Stella Stopfer, Croatia For me the biggest benefit of the challenge is that it pulls together many disparate threads of information about home technologies into one cohesive program. John Cahill, Kilkenny, Ireland Heres what youll get? In this action video course I take you step-by-step through the whole process ofbuilding your own Home Automation 2.0 system. During this 8-week course, youwill get the access to the following 40 video modules: