Learn Subnetting So You Can Network With Confidence



In this course you will learn how to subnet IPaddresses in preparation for a certification exam or your networking career.Learn how to subnet in your sleep (or at least no longer have nightmares about subnetting).Learn how to convert binary numbers to decimal numbers and vice-versa.Learn how to subnet.Learn how to answer the most common subnetting exam questions.Take the fear away from subnettingand feel comfortable under exampressure!Let’s admit it. Subnetting is usually one of the most difficult skills to master for new network administrators. I’ve taught networking students to subnet since 2003 and the problem for most students is that they aren’t that good at math. But subnetting doesn’t even use math we’re used to so it can be even more confusing.Over ten years ago Ideveloped lectures on subnetting for a collegethat were so powerful Iwas asked to write a textbook by a major textbook publisher. The challenge was that the lectures were so powerful that Iwas also offered a promotion and had to move. That meant that Icouldn’t finish the textbook, but it gives you the ability to experience the content here.This course contains the original textbook material in article form along with explanatory video lectures, quizzes, and case problems so you get the best of both worlds. You’ll get all of the information you need in the video lectures, but you can also read the textbook content, take the quizzes, and complete the case problemsto increase your learning.Ialso work through all of the answers to the quizzes and case problems so you’re not alone if you can’t figure out an answer. You can watch me solve them!I designed this course to be easy and accessible to beginners yet also good if you’ve learned subnetting before and just need a refresher.At the end of this course you’ll know all of the basics of IPaddresses and subnetting and be ready for your career or certification exams.