Learn the Secrets of a Successful Background Performer!



Do you want to be in showbiz?Do you want to still have a life?Working as a Background Performer is perfect for freelancers as a way to earn additional income in-between gigs.Have you always wondered what it’s like on a movie set but have no skills to be a techie? Try getting some Background Performer gigs and watch how all the different componants and departments work together to create a show. Learn which departments are your favourites by being paid to watch. Background performers have a lot of time to observe others at work while they wait for shots.Who can work as a Background Performer?Anyone! Casting directors are asking background agents all the time to send them new and unique people to put in the background of TV shows and movies. Anyone can be a Background Performer or Extra. You can be any age, gender, race, size, and so on. You can speak any language as long as you understand basic directions. If you’re under 18, you might need a guardian on set. You can dabble in showbiz while earning money as a Background Performer. Also known as being an Extra, this gig is great for freelancers and students trying to make some extra cash.If you live in a big city, chances are there are TV shows, movies, and commercials being shot around town. Discover how you can be a background performer in some of them.This course explains the role of the Background Performer, what to expect on a gig, how to prepare for a gig, and more. I’ve been a Background Performer in over thirty TV shows and movies. Some of my gigs included:Love Guru, Kin, Designated Survivor, Shadow of the Moon, Schitt’s Creek, Titans, Taken, What We Do in the Shadows, Boys, In the Dark, and more. Over the years, I’ve figured out how to navigate the world of being a Background Performer. It’s an easy way to make money and make new friends. Of course, some people don’t find it easy, the hours are very long and you have to be awake and alert on weird schedules. You might get called to be at holding for 3 am or 3 pm. The show can shoot until sunup or sundown or anytime in-between. But other than the waiting game, it’s usually just a matter of taking direction and not chatting while on set and that’s pretty much the nature of the job. If this sounds like something you can do too, come on in and check out my course!Learn tips and tricks for a stress-free Background Performer experience!