WordPressis one of the most popular CMS for website designing and developmentin todays technology driven world. WordPress not only simplifiesthe process of developing and designing websites, they also offereasy maintenance and updating.Oneof the best parts about WordPress is the drag and drop Themes thatcan be added to your website. From a simple change in color scheme tomore prominent layout changes, WordPress Themes can change yourwebsite with a few simple clicks.Thishas resulted in hundreds and thousands of different royalty freethemes to flood the market, but not all of these themes are easy tofind or feasible to use. This is why a lot of people are learning howto create their own customizes themes.Thiscourse will show you how. In this course, you will learn how todesign your very own Business Theme using Bootstrap, along with howto use the customization panel and add icons and even banner imagesto your website. Enrollnow and learn how to create custom themes!