The only comprehensivecourse to master Apples latest Swift 3 programming language!Applehas introduced a new and improved version of its most popularprogramming language, Swift. Since, its introduction way back in2014, the language has been lauded by the development community.Swiftcombined the best practices of C, C++ and Objective-C to make an easyto write language that minimized the hassles of language principlesthat come with the language, instead opting for making the languagesimple, dynamic and easy to learn. While, the shift from Swift 1 toSwift 2 was considered drastic, the change to Swift 3 is even more. Changesto the language includes making the syntax shorter, requiringlabeling for function parameters, focusing on omitting needless wordsto remove repetition and even eliminating UpperCamelCase in favor oflowerCamelCase for enums and properties. The changes aim to simplifythe language and make it clearer for the newbies that are justlearning the language.Learning this powerfullanguage from scratch might seem like a hard task, especially if youare already familiar with Swift 2, but dont worry this is why wehave designed this course.Ourcourse has been expertly created to help newbies and seasoned iOSprogrammers to learn this brilliant language. This Swift 3 tutorialwill include working with the language parameters, the playground,and will include so much more. Youwill start by learning the language fundamentals and the changes madeto Swift 3, for newbies this will easy as they will start fresh.However, for the seasoned coders, it might require some getting usedas they will have to relearn some concepts. Thecourse also includes working with the Playground, learning how tocreate variables, constants, arrays, loops, conditionals, classes,and functions. You will also solidify your theory by using it tobuild a complete practical application an inventory managementapp.Thatsnot all though! When designing the app, in addition to going over theparadigm of the coding language, you will also learn how to designthe UI and also how to integrate different APIs and UI controls init. From understanding scene building to working with auto layout andintegrating basic and interactive notifications, the course willinclude everything you need to become proficient in Swift 3.Withso much packed in this massive course, what are you waiting for?Lets start building your dream iOS apps Swiftly!