In this tutorial we will be covering how to create multiple procedural wood textures in Substance Designer. To start, we will go over how to create a proper normal, diffuse, roughness and metallic map shader networks for our base wood using the PBR texturing workflow. From there, we will learn how to create a painted version of our wood in the same network while still keeping everything procedural. Once everything is looking good, we will render our final texture in Marmoset Toolbag 3 as we make some nice screenshots for our portfolio. With the Marmoset environment setup, we will then revisit our network and begin working on our birch tree bark texture. Withthis, we will be learning how to expose parameters within substance so that you can quickly change the look of your texture with just a few sliders. There’s a lot of Substance goodness to absorb here, so don’t miss this one!More about the Instructor:Emiel Sleegers is20 years old and originally from TheNetherlands,currently located in the UK. He’sa 3d environment artist working in the game industry and hasworked for companies like Playground Games and ubisoft with so far one announced title on hisname named: Forza Horizon 3 withanother title on the way. He’sa self taught artist who on one day 4 years ago wanted to know how the amazing games healways played were made. The rest is history.