Learn to Cook Thai Food with Ann



Ever missed the food you had during your visit toThailand and wished to have it again? Then you have come to the right place! At CookYourOwnThai, we will be showing and teaching you how to make those popular dishes you had in Thailand, which means that you can now have delicious authentic Thai food without having to leave your country.Most people have a misconception that Thai food has lots of ingredients and are a hassle to prepare, but we will change your mindset. Every recipe taught in this course will take no more than 20minutesto cook. In addition, all recipes have a downloadable ingredient list which you can print and bring along with you to the supermarket to get the required items.This course is suitable for anyone who loves Thai foodRecipestaught in this courseare popular and easy to prepareYou do not need any special equipments for cooking our recipesWe will be guiding you through every step, including cutting of ingredients like onionsBe sure to check out our course and if you have any questions, feel free to ask us through email or in the comments section. We hope that all of you will enjoy our teachings and find them useful!