UPDATE: The Course will continuously have videos and contents added as time goes on!We invest money into fitness, food, our kids, vacations (that set people in debt most of the time), ect. Sure there is value in all of the above, but what pays for that valuenow? How nice would it be to make a trade sunbathing on a beach while getting a notification that something big is about to happen in the market?And it’s about to make you profit.Who wouldn’t want this?Most educational programs offer the foundation for success, butyou are still working for someone else.What you will learn is financial freedomto be your own boss, againwho wouldn’t want that?This doesn’t require thousands of dollars or going in debt to bring you that success or dream – just waking up with a smile on your face knowing those bills are paid! You don’t even need to leave your home, and again…Who wouldn’t want that?Are you looking for financial freedom? Thousands have had this same itch that are now working for themselves by trading stocks and cryptocurrency. People are tired of the corporate limbo, just putting money into the CEO’s pocket and taking home the scraps.This course is designed to create that success you want in life, by teaching you how to trade, how to measure your trades on risk to reward ratio, and giving you tools to give you peace of mind.This Course will show you..-Building your own strategy that works on a risk reward ratio-Introductory to the basic tools used in trading-Learning how different exchanges work-Profits and Mindset Lessons-Building a portfolio and how to your track profits on different platforms-Design a perfect trading system that fits around your abilitiesINCLUDED BONUSES:-You will gain access to our indicator vault. You will learn more about indicators and why they are so vital to trading.-You will gain access to a peer to peer network to converse with other students and mentors.-You will gain lifetime membership. That’s right folks, no more silly membership fees.-You will gain alert notifications for trades we are entering in as well as new updates.