Learn to Grade Comic Books



Hello, Im Kevin Volo, and Id like to thank you for checking out my Learn to Grade Comic Books course. When you have completed this course and practiced, you will be able to pick up and grade any comic, whether it’s one in your collection or that grail book you finally found at a con.The Learn to Grade Comic Books course is the most comprehensive course of its kind. In it, I walk you step by step through 27 comics at every grade level from 0.1 to 10.0, explaining in detail why they received that grade. For the 25 grade levels from 0.5 to 10.0, I bought and cracked professionally graded books just for these videos 24 graded by CGC and one by PGX so that we would have a solid baseline for understanding the criteria at each grade level.In each video, we move up the grading scale, first examining the CGC graded comic, and then we look at two different comics with the same grade to compare and contrast their differences, because even though they are the same grade, they can look quite different.Well examine these differences and learn additional details of handling, grading, and properly caring for comics in more than 30 1080p HD videos, with high resolution images to help make the details crystal clear. Thats over 8 hours of course content. Plus bonus material!Ive been reading and collecting comics since I was 12 years old and love everything about comics. I had a blast creating these videos, looking through and grading some really amazing comics. So I hope youll enroll in the course and take the first steps to learn to grade your comic books with confidence! Thanks.