Learn to Make Pixel Art Tilesets With PyxelEdit



In this course you will learn how to make pixel art tilesets from zero. Tilesets are essential to quickly making levels, it allows you to make modules that you can connect and make levels in minutes, in this course you will learn how to make them from scratch. We will start with an introduction to Tilesets and PyxelEdit:How to learn from the courseWhat’s the point of using tilesetsAn introduction to PyxelEditAfter learning that introduction, we’re going to go right ahead to creating our tilesets, we’re going to work on two projects, a Sideview Platformer and a Topdown RPG, the workflow is going to be the next one:Making the base tiles for our tilesetCreate variations of our tiles, to break with the monotonyCreating objects to decorate our environmentExporting the tileset for later use on a Game EngineThis course is planned so you quickly understand the process of making the tilesets, you’re quickly going to start working on actual projects that will help you understand the workflow, at the end of the course you will be able to make your own tilesets for your own videogames.  I will offer feedback on your own tilesets, if you have any question about pixel art or game art, I will try to answer it as well as I can!So if you are a beginner pixel artist, game designer, artist or programmer wanting to learn how to create levels for your videogames, consider enrolling on the course, thanks and have a nice day!