Learn to play Greek music on the keyboard instrument



Inthese lessons we will start from the basics. Iwill introduce you to the keyboard instrument andthen we will start to learn the music theory which is the basic thingyou need for being a musician. In music theory section there arevideo presentations that teach you all from the start. On the nextsection there are exercises to practice and improve your fingersmovements. The we willlearn the Greek musical scales.Inthe next section I willteach you how to playinstrumental “Zeibekiko Tis Evdokias” written by thecomposer Manos Loizos, andI will teach you also how to play the song”Siko Horepse Koukli Mou” ofStelios Kazantzidis.Each song include normal and slow speed video. Thiscourse contain all what you need to learn howto play Greek music on your oriental keyboard.So if you have a keyboardand you’re ready toplay a Greek music on it,all you have to do is to sign up for this course.