Learn to sew fabric and leather tote handbags



Learn the essential techniques of crafting/sewing fabric and leather handbags.It is often tiresome to try and connect the dots across all the information available on the internet, regarding handbag crafting. If not that, you find yourself having bought tons of books on the subject, but starting a project is like jumping through countless hoops. You start on one book, you get stuck a few pages down the line as you can’t get how they got from one step to the other. You’re further frustrated, as you don’t know who to turn to for support. We have all been there, haven’t we :-)As Bagstudent, that’s where we come in. We, not only just take you through the steps, but we make sure we lay a solid foundation through our detailed mini demonstrations. Often you find most resources will simply list the tools required for the project; we take it a step further by showing you (in video) how the tools work, particularly the less common ones e.g. leather thickness gauge, strap cutter etc.Secondly, we take you through 3 types of handbags in this single course, namely:Fabric handbagLeather handbagLeather pouchIn doing this, we ensure we cover a broad base of skills in one course. In the fabric handbag, we detail zipper fitting, handbag feet and pockets. In the leather handbag, we introduce magnetic snaps and darts to add volume in the handbag. In the leather pouch, we introduce hand stitching, an old tradition in the leathercraft space. I’ve introduced handstitching, such that, incase you don’t have a sewing machine yet, you can start with this small project and use handstitching.I trust you will have an awesome time with us, without stepping a foot outside your home and having constant support. You’re in good hands.Best regardsLister