Learn to Speak: Conversational German



The course is designed to helpeveryonefrom theab initiostage – those who have never learned German before – to those wanting to brush up in preparation for an upcoming holiday or business trip. The course isaudio basedusing an experienced bilingual speaker, with the content created collaboratively by theinstructors, and it will be supported with on-screen transcripts for easier learning and better retention. There are alsoprintable vocabulary guidesto take with you wherever you go!Latest Update: 2 days agoThe course is designed as an easy access into the world of German and has been laid out in such a way that students cango at their own pace. Don’t forget, you are covered by a MASSIVE 30-day no-quibble money back guarantee, so if you don’t love the course then you can get a refund with no questions asked!If you have always been fascinated by people who speak another language and want to pursue it as a hobby, or you simply need to brush up on your spoken German before you head off on a trip, this course will help you to achieve your goals andopen up new avenuesand experiences for years to come!