Learn to Speak English: Complete Beginners Part 1



This course will teach complete beginners to Learn to Speak English.It will coverthe basic English language thatthey need to for day to day life and communications inan English speaking country, or when communicating with people inEnglish.The course will provide speaking, listening, reading and writing activities to develop these important skills.The main vocabulary and grammar areas covered in the course include:Greetings and introductions – hello, how are you?, what’s your name, my name is…, where are you from?, I come from….., goodbyeThe English alphabet in uppercase and lowercase lettersNumbers 0 – 99Objects and vocabulary related to common items, gender,family, food and drinkUsing singular and pluralsPrepositions of place – on, in, in front, behind, next to, between, under and aboveAsking for items – Can I have?Money – coins and asking the price of things – how much is it?Dates – days, months, year, date of birth, today, tomorrow and yesterdayColoursTransportTimeCompletion of this course will provide students with the skills that they need to progress on to Part 2 to further enhance their English ability.