Learn to swim backstroke with the “WEST” swimming technique



In this course you’ll learn how to swim 200m backstroke whilst improving your swimming technique, toningyour muscles and most importantly – learning how to protect your lower back and neck whilst swimming.Have you heard that Backstroke is the healthiest swimming technique and therefore tried to imitate Olympic swimmers?The WEST swimming technique’s backstroke is actually a far better swimming technique for swimmers over the age of 21!70% of the people around the world over the age of 21 suffer from lower back pain.When we swim the normal backstroke we create an arch on our body which often causes to add stress to your lower back, shoulders and neck.This is why we strongly believe that swimmers must learn and adapt to the WEST technique in order to prevent such pains or injuries.The course is based on 4 different training workouts for you to perform. Each workout session has 1-10 videos which will help you understand the training drills and stretches you need to do.For eachsession you’ll also receive detailed pictures thoroughly explaining each drill and helping you to remember how to do them correctly when in the pool!We’ll guide you step by step until your master your 200 m backstroke with the West technique.This isfor sure ” The WEST way to swim”We’ve donethe thinking for you, nowwe’ll guide you step by step to help you swim200m backstroke withthe healthiest swimming technique.It is for sure” The WEST way to swim