Ever wondered how does Facebook like buttons work? With just a simple click on the thumb up button and done, no need to send any form, or reload the page? How does the Database update? Ajax is a programming technique that allows the DB to read from and write to, without reloading the page. Dream come true, right? Yes, this is almostmagical!This course was designed for Developers or aspiring developers to add Ajax in theirWebsites in a variety of situationsIntroductionThe course starts with a quick introduction to the Web and Web Design, including how to get and setupthe tools needs for this tutorial.After the concepts Ajax are explained, this course will teach you howto build 6cool projects.The projects were selected because theyare related to the aspects of Web interface that we most commonly use.ProjectsProject 1- Load more rows on a table upon clicking on a button. Information is fetched from DB in the backgroundProject 2- Email Registration – Check Email in the DB as the email is typed even before the Sign up form is submittedProject 3- Edit Text Areas and Save, without the need to submit a formProject 4-Infinite Scroll – Scrolldown to load more image contentsProject 5-Create Reviews – Give Review stars to something on a page while the DB is updatedProject 6- Like & Unlike ButtonsWhat will you need?We advise you to install Sublime Text Editor, which you can download and install for free.Most examples will require php and some will require MySQL, so we advise using XAMPP. This is also free.Prerequisite knowledgeYou will need basic knowledge of HTML, JQuery, PHP and MySQL.