Erotica, smut, porn, dirty stories…these are all catch words for work that encapsulates the human condition.We all know that sex sells so why not climb into bed with your laptop and heat up the sheets with your steamy words!What turns you on?Does writing sexy little stories turn you on?Does creating compelling characters who jump from bed to bed turn you on?Do you love writing down your deepest darkest desires?Do you have a fetish? Oooo, please share!Do you love kinky scenes? Your readers can’t wait to be exposed to your favorite kink! Do you hang out in sex clubs or swingers clubs? If you haven’t, have you ever imagined what it would be like? Share your adventures with your readers!Did you know you can sell your deepest darkest desires to publishers and readers who will pay you real money?Want to know how you too can run your own erotic writing empire?There are many erotica authors who make a very good living peddling their fantasies. This could be YOU!Writing exciting and page-turning erotica is pretty much like other forms of creative writing, however, there are a few extra things you should know which will be covered in this course.My own paid writing career began when I ghost wrote an erotic fantasy book for a friend. And then I ghost wrote a second erotic fantasy  book for her. That was a long time ago.I’ve gone on to enjoy a thriving writing career in horror, erotic horror, erotic fantasy, and just plain erotica.Some of you may be familiar with my Witch Upon a Star erotic horror series which is my current project.This course will teach you the components of writing an erotic book or story.We will penetrate such topics such as markets, pen names, and publishing. We will explore the current climate for erotic writers.Don’t be shy, don’t be embarrassed by your dirty mind, we all have one!After all, if your parents never had sex, YOU wouldn’t be here!So break out that keyboard, wipe it down, and get typing! Your readers await your unique erotic stories!