Hi and welcome to your Traditional Japanese Reiki 2nd Degree (Practitioner / Okuden) course,here on Udemy. If you are looking to develop your practice in the ancient art of traditional Japanese Reiki,by being given access to and using,THE THREE SACRED SYMBOLS OF OKUDEN practice,which will qualify you to offer these amazing energy treatments to the general public,so you not only benefit yourself from even greater feelings of balance and connection, but are able to create a thriving service,benefiting others with the same,then this is the ideal course for you. In this personal and practice development training,that builds upon your learnings at 1st Degree / Shoden course, Ill be sharing with you The original Japanese phrases and meanings specific to Okuden initiations.Use of Kotodamas, the sacred sounds and chants of each symbol.The meaning, connection and use of Choku Rei, which is the symbol and source of focus, power and strength.The meaning, connection and use of Sei Heki, which is the symbol and source of emotional balance, memory and recall.The magical formula, or Jumon, of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, which accesses our ability to transverse reiki through time and space.Your personal Okuden attunement, scheduled at a mutually convenient time.The basic requirements of setting up a professional Reiki practice, including legal, practical, administrative, and client attracting activities.With this training, you will be able to Strengthen your own personal connection to Reiki even furtherStrengthen your channelling of Reiki when giving treatments to othersFully centre and ground yourself, reconnecting your sense of self to the world around youSupport the treatment of physical complaints such as cuts, burns and contusionsProvide deeper sense of emotional balance and peace to a troubled mindHelp to overcome unhelpful and unwanted habits and behavioursSupport clarity and focus in a busy mind, improving memory and recallDirect Reiki to those in distant locations through remote transferenceSupport those moving on from past events, and provide strength in future endeavoursAnd most importantly, qualifies you to treat, and if so wish charge, members of the public.Using the teachings of traditional Japanese Reiki, and my practice as a Reiki Master Teacher, or Shihan, Ive developed this course with the intention of developing your ability to live life more fully, through an even deeper understanding, and refined practical application of this amazing soul energy. Through video training with me personally; workbooks, quizzes and training manuals for you to refer to after the course, I keep the science simple, the insight deep, and the practical application highly relevant. So, to enrol on this course, simply click on the Buy Course button on this page, and youll be guided by me every step of the way from introduction through to completion and Attunement, and even beyond through on-line communication and regular updates, because I am committed to you not just learning, but benefiting from what you learn. You see, once I first started on my Reiki journey and committed to its practice, I began to see and feel the difference it made to me, and my life. Having then realised its potential, it just made perfect sense to deepen that practice and achieve even greater results. But it wasnt just about me! I realised that I was being given an opportunity to treat and serve others. And lifted by the love and gratification of helping others, I chose to follow this new path and become a Fully qualified Reiki practitioner, that allowed me to exchange my new gifts for donations and fees. You dont have to go that far of course, its entirely up to you whether you choose to apply this deeper understanding to yourself, or create a thriving practice from it. Im now blessed to have many private clients and students, who because of Reiki, are finally moving forward to happier, healthier lives. Some of them have followed in my footsteps and have become practitioners themselves, a few even becoming Reiki masters and Sensies, which I fully support. I love seeing that, because it just goes to show the power of Reiki in uncovering our true potential. But, not everyone, through location or resources are able to attend my private classes, and through this On-line training, I am now able to extend my reach, and touch many more people in need of a breakthrough, or who seek to learn Reiki to treat themselves and/or friends and family. So, if youre willing to deepen your understanding and practice of Reiki, through a traditional Japanese approach, and looking for a course that allows you to progress to 2nd Degree Okuden, at your own pace, and still be supported remotely, that is designed to really maximise your skill and expertise Just Click on the Buy Course button on this page Now and lets get YOU started on the next stage of this exciting and powerful journey! I’ll see YOU again soon, on the inside of this training.