Learn Vietnamese Reading & Pronunciation



Welcome to “Learn Vietnamese: Reading &Pronunciation”(^.^)v !This is the course on how to read Vietnamese, createdespecially for beginners to the language. It is a great start as it covers in details everything one needs in order to read Vietnamese and starts learning the language by his/herown. It’s also an effective course for one who reallywants to improve Vietnamese pronunciation and boost speaking confidence.Vietnamese is not hard to learn but at the beginning stage the tones might be quite challenging. As you might know,Vietnamese has 6 tones. At some extend these make the learning of the languagea bit tough but its what makesVietnameseso beautiful, melodic and fascinating.The content of this coursewas designed based on instructor’s learning and teaching experience, taking into account the difficulties of the Vietnameselanguage learners.All the materials are thoroughly worked out (nocopy paste from books)to help you master Vietnamese alphabet and the tone.Its effectiveness was proven by the success of manystudents.The course is divided into 5 parts. Each part consists of 3-5 video lessons. In each lesson there isa practice part where you can listen to, exercise and check yourself. Additionally, in the section 6 there arereading exercises. It’s highly recommendedto complete themand compare with the pronunciation of the instructor which you can find in the section 7.All the questions, feedbacks are welcomed!