Description provides .NET Tutorial with an in-depth understanding of concepts used in .NET Framework in order to work with the technology. After completion of the .NET Training from you will be able to:Learn about the architecture and evolution of .NET.Understand the basics of C# language like data types, class, method and some OOPs concept like polymorphism.Create a Windows application using Visual Studio IDE with Textbox, Labels etc.Learn about ADO.NET with architecture and various modes of model used in order to fetch data from database.Learn the concept of Collections and Generics and how to create your own generic.Understand about ASP.NET with architecture and webservers. Also, learn about ASP Lifecycle.Learn about web server controllers and how to validate input using server controllers.Understand the importance of LINQ, covering LINQ type queries, SQL Queries.Learn the concept of State Management and its Techniques like Session and Cookie. Also, get to know about AJAX implementation in your application.