Why take this course ? All in one : While I could have made it in several courses, in this single course you will learn every action known to man as of February 2019 to develop a legendary memory, incredible creativity, ninja like focus, uncanny reading speed and comprehension and 1 in a million like IQ. Thats it all in one course, no marketing for other course, no buying other books webinars or whatever. No BS. Take this course, EXERCISE, put in PRACTICE and watch your new life unfold. This course is unique: Why? Because it comes from the real world! Here, you will find some techniques that are totally novel and others that are described elsewhere and that have been tweaked. However, the one thing that truly sets this course apart is that it comes from the real world! Its the result of 10 years of using various techniques to learn and teach very dense and complex material, which led me to give up techniques that simply didnt work (and that continue to be widely celebrated out there), tweak and hack techniques that needed modification to be suited for real life (for e.g. some memory champions use certain techniques to memorize 200 digits of pie, how is that going to help me in my daily life?) and come up with techniques that are new altogether. Another thing that sets this course apart is that, in most books, its all about speed, speed reading, speed memorization, how to learn this or that in 24 hours. Although this course heavily emphasizes about speed and time saving tricks, its also about making the learning experience FUN and enjoyable! So this course is to the point, with only tips that do work no crazy promises, no magic pill. Im the doctor the pill that does work, so trust me! Exercises: Accessing the powers of your brain (lets call it brainbuilding) is a lot like bodybuilding in that it needs a lot of practice (actually its a bit easier than bodybuilding, in that certain tricks do give you instant result). Still you need a lot of practice and this is why this course isnt all about theoretical principles and is filled with examples and exercises, because we learn by DOING (and that would be your first lesson). What topics are covered in the course? Memory: Do you happen to forget important stuff? Then you know how frustrating that can be. Plus, it can be of dramatic consequence like failing in a decisive exam. It can also be quite embarrassing like forgetting the name of someone important. No matter what walk of life you are in, forgetting can make you appear very unprofessional if say you were to forget important facts discussed during meetings with coworkers/clients. With a powerful memory, you can ease up all sorts of learning. Whether youre learning a new skill, a new language or studying any topic youll find valuable insight thatll make you say If only I knew earlier! This course can help you not only memorize but also UNDERSTAND even the most complex topics (there is no topic your wonderful brain cant grasp!). Think of what your life will look like after learning a myriad of new skills, and this course is about how to achieve that QUICKER than ever and the EASY WAY. Creativity : Maybe theres one thing more annoying than forgetting, and thats the blank page! How annoying it can be to look at a problem, to try and write a story, to try and draw something truly creative and to only come up with more and more blankness, to the point that you wonder if you really have what it takes to create beauty? No matter if youre a student, a scientist or an artist we all need creativity to solve problems, coming up with new ideas and concepts and all in all change our lives (and the world!). Creative geniuses from all fields (science, literature, arts, engineering etc.) have always fascinated me, and what I came to discover is that most of them had some common habits and tricks which make one ponder upon that good old question are geniuses made or born?. I really believe they are made! And with the insights in this course I have the firm belief that many of you will find the inspiration to enchant and delight us with masterpieces in all fields. Cant wait to hear about your achievements! Focus: Maybe the one factor most determinant of your chances in life is your ability to focus on one thing, one single thing, till the outcome exceeds all your expectations. It is unbelievable how much human potential, how many potential inventors, artists, millionaires are stuck in lives that are way below what they are meant to be simply because of their (acquired) inability to focus on one action, one thought, one goal as if nothing else existed. The zone that room where theres only one task and all the rest of the world is plain muted faded out is the one place everyone wants to go to, and so few get to. Distractions cost you time (years) and money and lost opportunity. This course is about giving you all this back while you have FUN because focusing is actually much much less pain than you giving in to distractions. Speed reading: Reading a text several times, and realize you dont have a clue what you just read? Find reading boring? (more boring than say watching a movie?) This course is about tripling you read speed while improving your understanding and actually having a lot of FUN with the reading process, because thats how reading was meant to be! IQ : Ever wonder if you could actually increase your IQ? and how it would actually feel to have a higher IQ, to actually have an IQ of 190+? A persons IQ is one the most important factors that determine his or her success be it with money, love life, skill learning, happiness, and yes your IQ is a number that can be improved!