*This course has been updated to the latest version of Maya 2017 It can be hard feeling completely lost when you already know the fundamentalsand the software is the only thing getting in your way. You may be pulling your hair out, because your speed and process have been thrown out the door. You may be knowing what you want to create but getting nowhere trying to accomplish it. Most tutorials for learning Maya are fundamentals videos that are long and drawn out, covering topics that you already understand.You’re just looking for the information on how to transfer the skills you already have from working in 3ds max. You may be spending large amounts of time scanning through tons of beginner videos only to find the videos overlook the advanced techniques you use. Sometimes the techniques you use aren’teven available in Maya. This becomes irritating and wastes your time. This video series is designed to get you up to speed inside of Maya and have you wondering why it ever seemed so hard to transfer between software in the first place. All of the main tools and techniques that are usedin everyday video game art development (modeling, unwrapping, and baking) will be explained and cross referenced to what you would use inside of 3ds max. So if you’re in need of getting up to speed inside of Maya for a new job position or are a studentlooking to improve yourresume to become more attractive to employers this video series is perfectfor you.