Learning to Learn



The Most important skill of the 21st Century is the ability to learn! Regardless of your age or background, your ability to learn and adapt is critical in our rapidly changing world. While you may have spent a lot of time in school learning "WHAT" to learn, you probably didn't spend a lot of time learning "HOW" to learn. This course focuses on "How to Learn" is is designed to bridge the gap. This hands-on course is designed to equip you with practical, effective ways to improve your ability to learn just about anything. In addition to providing information on how to supercharge your memory, we'll also discuss how your brain works and dispel some common misconceptions about learning that may be standing in your way. I'll even be covering some tips and tricks for learning a new language. Finally I'll provide you with some amazing learning resources and destinations that can unleash your new skills on and take your learning to the next level! This course is for anyone interested in enriching their studies, their career or their life by becoming a more effective learner. Let me show you how. Sign up and learn how to learn today!