Less than 15 mins each to paint. Quicken up, gain CONFIDENCE



Don’t have time to paint?Are you overthinking how you paint?Want to relaxand quicken up?ANDGain confidence with how youpaint?Then painting these pictures, which should all take no longer than 15 minutes, will help you.Not only will you achieve the above but you will also be painting a set of cards for playing a game, twice the fun.The Paintings.All the paintings have a gardening theme. they may be of flowers, plants, tools or garden features. Make your own variations or make up your own. As this is also a game you will need to paint each painting twice which will help you even more with loosening up and honing your paintingtechniques.The GameChildren often play a memorygamein which adeck of cardscontainingmatching pairsis used. Thecardsare shuffled and placed face down on a table. The players then take turns and select twocardsat a time. If bothcards match, they are won by that player; otherwise, thecardsare placed face down at the same positions. The players keep going until all the cards have gone. The backs of the cards can also be used as a jigsaw, to create a complete abstract painting.Why choose one of my courses?Because, as a self taught artist I understand how a lot of people feel about their creative work, sometimes anxious, sometimes overwhelmed and often that it’s not ‘good enough’. I will hold your hand as you overcome these fears as I offer a friendly, relaxed and sensitive teaching style.I also have years of experience of teaching people of all levels both in person and via the internet.Do one of my courses and you will feel as if I am in the room with you every step of the way.Enjoy your painting, love Nicola