What separates a beginner Coach from a Life Coach who invites client transformation? It’s all about where the life coaching focuses: on the client’s problem or on the client as a person. Have you ever wondered how to become a life coach but found yourself thinking:”What if I fail or am not good enough?””What kind of coaching can I do?””Where should I even start?”If so, youre in the right place. I know what its like to navigate the world of online business and life coaching. After considerable learning and several wrong turns, Ive gone on to create successful coaching businesses. Now, I want to help you do the same. Because heres what nobody tells you becoming a life coach doesnt have to be too much difficult. Yes, there are a lot of steps youcantake to become a life coach. But you dont have to do all (or many) of them. And you certainly dont need to do everything when youre first starting out.Drawing on years of experience training more than 10,000 busy managers from around the globe in practical, everyday coaching skills, in this course i reveal you how to unlock your peoples’ potential. This complete guide to life coaching reveals what life coaching IS, how to coach yourself and others effectively and how to create and sustain a successful coaching practice developing coaching methods that produce great results..In this course i cut through the noise and show you exactly how to:Identify your ideal coaching niche So that you feel confident in your offering and become the coach that you were designed to be.Define your marketing strategy To attract a constant stream of your ideal clients.Confidently conduct a discovery call So that you sign your first paying clients as quickly as possible.And much much more…A fresh innovative course that covers all the basic principles and strategies for effective coaching and it combines insider information with research based in neuroscience and behavioural economics, together with interactive training tools to turn practical advice into practiced habits. Witty and conversational, this course takes your work–and your workplace–from good to great. When you think like a coach, the techniques for coaching well just come naturally and produce great results for those you work with. And when you follow the steps in this course youll not only start your business, potentially youll able to alsosign your first paying client(s) in as little as 30 days.This course is designed for ambitious experts, professionals, teachers, and coaching superstars in the making. You will learn how to skyrocket your revenue by one or two more digit.Imagine how your life will change when youre doing work that is meaningfulandprofitable. Work that you are uniquely designed to do.Enrolling this course (and taking action) will save you time, money and your sanity.You dont need to keep trying to figure this out on your own.You can choose to a stay-at-home mom looking to earn income doing rewarding work or simply want financial freedom and a more meaningful life.This course shows you exactly how to become a life coach and attract your first paying client(s) as quickly as possible.So, what are you waiting for?ENROLLthe course today andstart creating your dream coaching business!