Life Magic for All Aspects of Your Life



Are You Living Your Best Life?Most of us aren’t.What Do You Want?Are you stressed out?Do you feel like you can’t get ahead?Does money feel like a never-ending issue?Do you cry on the way to work each morning?Are you endlessly looking for work?Is your marriage falling apart?Does everything seem overwhelming?Do you keep attracting abusive partners?Is your home a never-ending conveyor belt of clutter and chaos?Do you wish you could change some things about your life but you’re not sure what?Are you getting back on your feet after a breakup?Let’s get all of those worries under control!Life Magic is a course designed to help you connect with your body, mind, and soul in order to create an authentic and auspicious life. It can be difficult living your best life when you’re not sure what you even want.What are your goals and dreams? How are you going to achieve them?This course looks at various ways to activate our body, mind, and soul connections through our attitude and various mental and physical exercises. Sphera wrote the books House Magic: The Good Witch’s Guide to Bringing Grace to Your Space and Love Magic: The Good Witch’s Guide to Healing Your Heart under her pen name, Ariana. Life Magic examines concepts explored in those books and combines them into small bite-sized lectures that can be enjoyed at your own pace. You can make notes, draw pictures, keep journals and scrapbooks about the ideas and memories that are activated while you consider the concepts in the course. In Life Magic, we look at our selves and our attitudes towards our own ego as well as how we act and react to the many relationships in our lives. LIfe Magic uses concepts such as Feng Shui, crystal magic, planetary influence, mindfulness, and organization to help us create a life we love.Are you in the game of life or are you sitting on the sidelines?Be the star of your own life once and for all when you use the tools provided in Life Magic:Newly Added Section to address COVID-19 and living life in a pandemic.