You must have noticed video is EVERYWHERE. If you’re not using video in your online marketing, you’re missing out on aproven, dynamic and engaging way of showing your customers what you are all about and getting them to engage with you.But if you’ve ever thought video is too difficult, too expensive, too time consuming or too confusing, then step this way.I want to let you in on a secret.Video is easy, fun, exciting – and the only limit is your imagination. You CAN learn to film and edit beautiful videos yourself, and you most certainly do NOT need to be paying people thousands of pounds to produce video for you.Join me for two and a half hours of video lessons, during which I’ll walk you through you how tofilm,produce,presentandeditstunning videos for your business.From your lead showcase video that WOWs your visitors and social media followers, through to vlogs and general demo/information videos, you’re going to have it all covered.We’ll be going over everything from creating storylines to the nitty gritty of editing footage (and I promise it’s not as hard as you might think!)If you’re just getting started with video marketing or toying with the idea of incorporating it into your overall marketing and visibility strategy, this course is for you.In it, you’ll learnThe filming equipment you REALLY need,How to choose the right filming locationYour ‘telling’ and ‘showing’ storylinesHow to script & storyboardWhat to wearHow to look and sound confident, even when you dont FEEL it.Openings that capture attentionHow to create and use 3 powerful special effects that will make your videos look much more pro.Importing clips to iMovieiMovie editing in fine detail.Using music to set the sceneHow to go viralAND MOREClickbuy now for INSTANT ACCESS to Lights, Camera, Action.Video editing in Lights, Camera, Action is demonstrated using iMovie on a MAC. However, the course also covers editing on a PC, and graduates have gone on to edit video on both MAC and PCs.