THE COMPLETE LINUXADMINISTRATION FORBEGINNERSCOURSEAre youlooking to further your careerby learning the skills needed tobecome a Linux Administrator and get an IT job fast?Do you want the freedom to be creative, to do things by yourself, to create new scripts andshare themwith others online? (likeautomatingeveryday tasks, hacks etc.)Do you want to passLinux exams likeComptia Linux+?My LinuxAdministration For Beginners courseis all you need toacquire the real world job skills -that will land you a jobfast.Thiscourse is astep-by-stepintroductiononhow to install, configure CentOS Linuxand use all of Linux,taught by anexperiencedLinux Administrator.Installing Linux, Linux Command Line, MySQL server setup, UNIX, Virtual Server& more -it’s all coveredstep-by-step.Thiscoursewill give you asolid theoreticalunderstandingof Linux Administrationas well as thepractical skillsto use it proficiently in a job.After each lesson I will give youpractical exercisesfor you to do, so you get to practice your new skills and start managing Linux yourself.WHAT IS LINUX?Linux is open-source and free operating system.Being open-source means that people are able to study it,improve and constantly add new things. That hascreated a huge and vibrant community of highlyskilled and motivated people, who are more than willing to add their personal touch toeverything they do and help others.Linux powers the Internet today:web servers, databases,web programming languages, mail servers, FTP serversthey are all part of Linux ecosystemwhich hascontinuously evolved for decades.And last-but notleast, the Android operating system,which manyconsiderthe crown jewel of Linux, is built upon these foundations. When youlearn Linux, you will have a deep insight into all other operating systems and you will always be able to get a highpayingIT job going forward.WHATWILL ILEARN?In this course, you will learn and get comfortable with using the command line of Linux, via SSH connection from your Windows computer. Theory is only present when it is absolutely necessary, and most of the time only the command line is shown. At the end of every lesson, there are 7 or so questions from the lesson, most of those easy, but some will require you to type commands and research a bit.You will get most of the knowledge required to take some of the Linux exams, for exampleComptia Linux+ or RHCA Red Hat.The last four lessons will teach you, step-by-step, how to configure some of themost commonly used services on Linux: Apache, MySQL, PHP, Squidand how to setup the mostwidely used CMS:WordPress.GUARANTEEIf within 30 days of buying the course you decide that it’s not for you, please get a Udemy-backed refund. No questions askedjust press the refund button, and all of your money will be returned to your credit card.ARE YOU READY TO TAKE YOUR IT CAREER TO THE NEXT LEVEL?Please press the “Take This Course” button and start learning 2 minutes from now!