This course is aimed at people who already have access to a Linux computer of some sort, and want’s to start learning Linux. It doesn’t matter if you have access to a Linux laptop, a Linux server or a VPS. It doesn’t even matter what Linux distribution you have.You will learn all the fundamentals of the Linux operating system, so that you’ll be able to work with great confident at the Linux command line. You will learn to perform both administrative tasks such as user administrations, as well as advanced text manipulation and working with the vi and nano editors. You will also learn how to install programs using apt, yum and dnf. There is also a section to teach you how to do process management.With these skills, you’ll then be able to find more information in the systems manual pages and start to learn all on your own. The entire course is built on practical approach. You’ll become a Linux wizard in no time!This course contains real, human-made, closed captions in english for every lecture. The course also encourages you to study Linux, even outside of the course.Student testimonials:”Tx Jack! Your course really helped me out! I recommend your lectures to anyone willing to dig a little bit into Linux world. It was a true pleasure being your student”. Corneel Stirbu, student”Excellent presentation from ground up in a steady pace”. Review by Sanjay, student “This is the most instructive and interactive training thus far. Super intuitive and explained in great detail. If I could give 10 stars I would”. Review by Anthony Marin, student