For a tech savage or a beginner, Linux is for everyone. Linux is a family of free and open-source software operating systems built around the Linux kernel. You understand this? Then this course is for you. Our Linux System Administration Masterclass is designed in a manner that will quench your thirst for Linux. We are determined to lend our expertise to anyone who wants to learn about Linux and its usage. Our course will take you through the basics of Linux to its advanced level. If you are already a Master and are waiting for some motivation to start working, then this course is your source of motivation. Our course is not specific to any age demographic, it is for anyone who has the will to learn and excel at something. You are thinking about what to do in your spare time in semester break. After annual exams, you dont want to waste your time. Join this course. Become an expert in a field that will surely help you in the future. You are having a problem learning Linux Administration Tasks and your teacher is no help? This course is for you. You are a professional with prior expertise in Linux. But havent worked on Linux for a long time and now you think your expertise is dull. Want to rekindle those skills? Join this class. Our class will guide you to Mastery through the following path: 1. Introduction and installation What is Linux? Advantages of Linux over other Operating systems. Installation of Linux distributions. 2. Command line interface Usage of Linux shell. Different types of shells. 3. Linux file system File system Structure. Types of file system. 4. User and group management Superuser (root) privileges 5. Permissions File permissions and attributes Read, write and execute permissions. Special permissions and ACL6. Backup and recovery 3-2-1 backup strategy Bare Metal recovery Backups with utilities like rsync and DD 7. File system and storage management Disk Partitioning File System types Bootloading 8. Processor monitoring and service management Process Types. Creation of a process States of processes Memory management for Performance Tuning 9. Linux security Introduction to Linux Security Firewall – The First Line of Defense Linux and Wireless Security 10. LAMP installation Installation of LAMP Combination with Different Packages Variants of LAMP Now that you are an expert In Linux that this course ensures you know Linux is everywhere. Linux is one of the most important parts of the modern world from the Android device you carry with yourself to the Air traffic control system Linux is being used in every field. Our Linux System Administration Masterclass ensures a competitive extra skill on your CV giving you an edge on your competition. Moreover, if you want to choose Linux as your profession, this course has put you on the right track. After this course, you are an expert and the only limit now is your imagination. You can become a freelancer or join a firm as a service administrator. Simply put it is your golden ticket into the tech industry. You can have a full career based on your expertise of Linux that you learned from this course. We welcome you to this class and are sure that once you are done here you will get more than your moneys worth. In the worst-case scenario, if you are not satisfied with our services this course has a 30-days money back guarantee.