Listen to Understand- Increase Influence by Listening Skills



Listening is the most important part of the communication but still many take it for granted. It is the skill which can transform your professional, personal as well as spiritual identity. In short, good listening will make you a better human being.Adults spend an average of 70% of their time engaged in some sort of communication. Of this, 45% of communication time is spent listening. Yet no one devotes any efforts to improve it. Improper listening is one of the reasons for miscommunications and fights in the relationship, this course will help you to avoid that.By the end of this course, you will learn: Prerequisites for listening nicely 5 statements to assess your listening skill and how to improve it How to encourage others to share more Refining listening skill in professional life Enhancing listening skill while texting50 Multiple choice questions that will help you revise and apply everything that you have learned in the courseYour benefits from this course: Boosting your productivityBuilding deeper relationshipsHaving an influential impact in your conversationsNot missing any critical information while listening