Living Intentionally: Crafting Your Vision and Mission



In todays hectic and demanding world many of us are moving at fast-break speeds. Although we are busier than ever, many of us have no idea where we are going. We can spend countless hours connected to technology. We are busy texting, reading blogs, watching television listening to the news or about our favorite celebrities, tweeting and checking Facebook. Most of us are not spending the same time developing and implementing a vision that gives our life direction. Youwould not get in a car or a cab and have no idea where we are wanting to go. When we get in that vehicle, we have an idea of our end destination. A Vision is that place we want to be. It creates a desire to grow and improve and embodies your hopes and dreams. It gives us a sense of purpose. In this course, we will walk you through creating a values-based vision that will inspire you to greatness. Once you write your vision statement, you will also create a mission statement which will provide you the guide to reaching your vision. We will provide you with a workbook which will walk you through exercises to help you form your statements.Included in this course:Workbook with 5 exercises to help you create a stronger statement