Login and Signup form design and validation in jQuery



In this course you will learn How to Design and Validate Login and Signup FormIn JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. In jQuery you can do many things in very easy way. Anyone can take this course who want to learn designing and validation of form. We will start off by creating a beautiful design for our Login and Sign up formusing HTML5 and CSS3 and then we will work on JQuery to validate form fields. Every aspect is covered in great details.First, we will setup the html, css, jquery files and images.Then We will make a cool Login and Signup formdesign using html5 and css3. In design, we will show the Login and Signup form separately and by clicking on login and signup buttons you can switch between both forms. We will learn how to make form beautifulusing html, css and jquery. Then we will learn how to validate all the signup form fields likefirst and last name.Then we will learn how to validate gender buttons male and female. We will also learn how to validate the email address likeemail is valid or not. Then we will also learn how to validate the password. We will also learn how to validate login form. In loginformwe will learn how to validate email address like email address exist or not in our record. Then we will learn how to validate password.we will code full Login and Signup formin this course along with explaination. Instructor will explain each and everything in this course.If you face any problem during learning this course you can ask the question at any time and i will answer that question ASAP. I will also help you in coding your image slider if you will get any problem.If you will feel that this course doesn’t worth your money. you can refund your money within 30 days after taking this course. So, stop thinking and start learning. I will see you inside.